Mark McBride Head of Global Supply Chain Data, Systems and Reporting Roche, Basel

I had the opportunity to work with Sunita during an annual team meeting where we spent a great deal of time focusing on collaboration within our growing team, and in an expanding global network comprised of hundreds of cross-functional internal customers. She did a great job coaching our team and drove us to some nice outcomes that we’ve successfully incorporated into our development plans for this year. She was receptive to feedback during planning, and did a nice job shaping the content and agenda of our meeting to meet the specific needs of my team. After the event she was timely and thoughtful with feedback and reflections. It was a pleasure to work with her.

Jean-François Vryens Partner, Indufin SA, Belgium

During the HPL program, we had Sunita as a coach for our group of 6. It was a great experience under the leadership of Sunita who managed us with “an iron hand in a velvet glove”! She mastered all the concepts and ideas of the program and was able to transmit her theoretical and practical knowledge and expertise to us.
She was also able to create a real bonding context within our group, pushing us to our limits, always finding the right balance between firmness and kindness but always with great sense of humour and sensitivity.
I will personally recommend the services of Sunita as a coach and won’t hesitate to contact her again in the future for my own challenges.

René Koets Partner at KPMG, Switzerland

I had the pleasure of having Sunita as my coach during the High Performance Leadership course at IMD. Sunita contributed significantly to the group dynamics making it a very open, honest and trusting group. For me personally Sunita was able to challenge me and to provide new insights, which were great for my personal development. Sunita is really open to feedback and able to adjust her role and behavior in a great way to the needs of the group and the individuals in the group.I definitely recommend working with Sunita!

Alejandro García López ePrivate Banking Platform Manager – Associate Director Swissquote

Sunita and I worked together at the end of my MBA and she helped me a great deal during such a stressful time. Her constant personal support and skillful coaching were key to help me focus on my strong points in order to move forward in a confident manner. She was also instrumental in finding the root cause of some long-standing frustrations and developing strategies to overcoming them. I was specially impressed by her great empathy and deep listening attitude as they made communicating with her extremely easy and natural. I strongly recommend her work to anyone looking to make a career change, taking on a new position or simply looking to gain a better understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses.

Frederik Bijlsma Experienced International Sales Leader, Zurich

Sunita really feels her clients and their requirements and challenges. She is very good in putting up a mirror to you and leading you to find your own breakthroughs. Sunita is not only great in methodology, but even better in building a link with her clients. I would recommend Sunita for everyone who wants to become or improve their leadership styles.

John Wagner Vice President Field Service America’s at Intuitive Surgical, USA

I had the distinct pleasure of spending a few days with Sunita in a small group setting, her approach to facilitating a group of individuals who couldn’t be further apart was nothing short of exceptional. Sunita has an incredible ability to get closed individuals like myself to not only open up but to do deep self-reflection; she accomplished this through considerate but tough questioning. I highly recommend Sunita for professional development and career coaching.

Richard Rhemrev Managing Director ICT Service Center Radboud University, The Netherlands

Always wanted to have a special coach? Then call Sunita Sehmi! During my IMD Advanced Leadership training in Switzerland I had the great pleasure to have Sunita as my coach. While you think, you know a lot, it is her professionalism that shows that even senior managers can still learn from the experience of Sunita. This requires someone who is insightful, solution…more focused yet challenging. But the most important is that she appears to be very empathetic in our one-on -one conversations, it proved that she possesses special talents that ensured that you opened up and an in-depth dialogue was the result. A special coach, don’t go for less.

Frederic Wohlwend  Chief Digital Officer at Waypoint Capital, Switzerland

It is when one of my key managers was losing self-confidence, overwhelmed by too much workload and close to burnout that I came across Sunita’s program. It took her a handful number of sessions only to turn the situation upside down and provide him with the tools to express the best of his inner skills and see the road to continuous improvement. The performance of that manager tripled right after the coaching and still resonates among his peer. Outstanding mix of management skills, business psychology and motivational power; Sunita is able to energize whoever is ready to receive such a boost and create new performance dynamics within any corporate teams.

Helene Dranssart Fondatrice & Présidente d’honneur IDEAS, France

Sunita has a very important quality that is not so common: She has a real talent for listening. She really wants to understand what you mean, beyond words. She is able to help you set the right goals and achieve them. In a context of development, it is very useful to find this valuable support.

Rob Jonkman Director Finance at Tata Group, Netherlands

Sunita did a great coaching job at our subsidiary in India at Executive level and with Management Team members. Alignment, personal coaching and bridging the cultural gaps with head quarters were some of the main topics to deal with.

Jean-Marc Bazin Directeur de la Logistique au sein du Pouvoir judiciaire de la République et canton de Genève

Sunita’s business communication coaching is permanently effectiveness-driven. In spite of her constant commitment to surf outside of the comfort zone, she quickly built up an atmosphere of confidence. Her style is involved, pragmatic, constructive and resolutely positive. Her business knowledge will immediately help you to find a solution. I’m quite proud of the progress accomplished with her, especially in terms of professional interactions and authentic leadership.
With Sunita, expect to exceed your key business objectives and to not be freedom from the success!

Steve Garrity Founder at Hearsay Social, USA

Sunita was our small-group coach at an IMD High Performance Leadership workshop, and she was fantastic. Very good at understanding where each person in the program was coming from, and pushing the right amount (eg. she is comfortable pushing you to get better for real) to make progress. Also just a wonderful lady to be around!

Jenny Jeffreys Webmaster at, Switzerland

It has been a pleasure to work with Sunita over the past 2 years, liaising with her about her monthly contributions to the website as a guest blogger. She is extremely reliable (I don’t think she has ever missed a month), and she always seems to find a topic that appeals to our readers; her blog articles have some of the highest hit rates on the site!

Judi Otteson General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer at NeoPhotonics, USA

I spent a week with Sunita for an executive coaching session where she facilitated our small group. Sunita was patient, calm, insightful and brilliant in so many ways. She was able to recognize issues far before I even knew they existed and was incredibly kind but refreshingly honest in her comments and observations. I recommend Sunita without hesitation.

Gajendra Panwar Managing Director at Danieli Corus, India

Our management team had the opportunity to be coached by Sunita at individual level. The three session program over 6 months worked very well for us to bring in higher level of alignment in the leadership. Sunita is a thorough professional and could deliver result in challenging situation at cross cultural level.

Cristina Alonso HR Manager at MCI, Switzerland

J’ai collaboré avec Sunita pour mettre en place deux formations dans notre société. Ce fut un réel plaisir, le projet a été grand succès et les feedbacks des participants excellents. J’ai été impressionnée de la capacité de Sunita a comprendre très rapidement la culture de l’entreprise et les besoins individuels des participants. Elle a su avec un grand professionnalisme créer un climat de confiance. Sans aucune hésitation, je recommande Sunita et me réjouis de collaborer à nouveau avec elle sur un futur projet.

Amy Kong HR Manager Pictet, Hong Kong

Sunita deliver a great training session for our senior executives on “How to give Motivating Feedback”. Her engaging style and ability to create a totally safe environment for exchanges allow active participation throughout the workshop. I look forward to working with Sunita again when she visits Asia again.

Hannah A. Molette Consultant & Educator at the Project Management Institute, USA

On behalf of the Project Management Institute and the Global Diversity Community of Practice members, we would like to offer Sunita our sincere thanks and appreciation for the webinar that she presented on the, “10 Tips for leading a Multicultural Teams.” It was extremely informative and engaging. What I truly admired about the experience was the way in which Sunita took your time to full breakdown the information that allowed our members to fully absorb its details. Project Managers and those in leadership roles can truly benefit from your workshops. Once again, thank you, the opportunity was priceless.

Emanuela D’Aloisio Global Marketing Manager, Dentsply International, China

The Executive coaching experience with Sunita has been incredibly valuable and enriching. I have been impressed with her ability to assess, understand and guide me through this development journey. With her thought through and customized approach, her emphatic style and results driven methodology, I recommend Sunita a driven, passionate and successful executive coach for both personal development and corporate programs.

Ayushi Agnihotri Freelance Researcher and Contributing Writer, Switzerland

Sunita has been my coach for a while now and she has been extremely diligent and responsive. She makes the effort to understand the needs of her clients and respond accordingly. She offers right guidance and opens the appropriate networks. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for advancing their career goals!

Alessandra Vellucci Chief, Intergovernmental Support Service at UNCTAD, Switzerland

Sunita is a great personal trainer who understands her client and is able to make a real difference. She knows how to help him/her help him/herself, by finding resources inside that even he/she did not know to have. I would not hesitate to recommend Sunita for any consultancy job/position in this field.

Sophie Vez Marketing and Communication, France

When I first met Sunita, I had already confidence in her skills as she had been recommended to me. In only two sessions, Sunita has helped me focus on essential. Flexible and quick thinking, I truly appreciated her reactivity and open-mind as I needed to perform quickly for important interviews coming. As a result-oriented professional, I recommend Sunita. In addition, Sunita seems to bring luck : Out of four interviews, I was offered four beautiful opportunities !

Michaelle Chennaf Digital Account Executive, Switzerland

I was very happy to meet Sunita Sehmi. I was impressed with the quality of her work and the professionalism. She delivered me practical and extremely useful tricks & tips. She helped me to inspire and to build on my own personal brand.

Marie-France Provot Lawyer, Switzerland

I am very happy to have met Sunita and to have been coached by her. Sunita has excellent communication skills and an outgoing personality. She is very professional, efficient and always positive. She was able to assess my needs immediately and I am more confident in myself thanks to her. Her course and her approach are very different from the others. She was always encouraging me and it was always a pleasure to work with her because she maintained a friendly and professional atmosphere. She is bright and enthusiastic and transmits her positive attitude. She likes human relations. I highly recommend Sunita to anybody who wants to develop their potential with somebody who is very human and professional.

Anne Tanya-Marie Phillip Deetjen Marketing, Switzerland

Sunita has great insight into the Swiss job market and thinks outside the box. She is professional and is able to access her clients needs very quickly and accurately. She really gives you valuable tools which can be used to further your career.

Alexis Kremer Executive Director at Julius Baer, Switzerland

Sunita is both bright and motivated. She was able to assess my needs immediately and has provided the necessary tools in order for me to fulfill my objectives. I appreciate her patience and understanding and I am particularly happy with complete empathetic approach she provides with regards to my learning. I recommend Sunita without reservations. This is a communication course with a difference and I am very confident that she will establish productive relationships with all her future clients.

Sanket Buche Supply Chain & Innovation Strategy Leader, Greater China

Sunita provided us an excellent on boarding (into Geneva) during the cross cultural training. She has strong proficiency on the subject matter and has vast experience across regions and business situations/sectors.

Rajesh Vohra Owner, Sarova Hotels, London

I have known Sunita over many years and have always found her to be completely professional in all my dealings with her. Sunita has an unimpeachable character and I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Yann Gilles Associate Director UBS, Switzerland

Through Sunita’s coaching methods, I am more self-confident when I speak. She is always good-humoured, positive and encourages me a lot.

Barbara Pré GP2 (Services) Switzerland

 Sunita’s sessions were very interesting because she came up with current and stimulating themes. I feel more confident when I speak and I improved so much that I have now got more responsibility at work! She is the best trainer that I have ever had in my life.

Yvan Ballif Administrateur, Les Régisseurs SA, Switzerland

J’ai trouvé les séances de Sunita d’une très grande valeur. J’ai beaucoup apprécié ses efforts durant toutes nos   séances. Elle était patiente, encourageante et dynamique. Ses séances m’ont aidé dans les domaines personnels et professionnels. Je la recommanderais à tous.